Waseem Ahmad

Hi I'm Waseem Ahmad. I'm a Ruby/Rails developer based in New Delhi.

Previously I worked for Authorly, a web based software that converts children's books into native mobile applications and BookFair, a consumer facing web application that exposed a JSON API to the BookFair mobile application that let users consume those books.

From February 2011 to October 2012 I was employed at Vinsol where I worked on Infomob, a Nigeria based local business listings search engine. And Ideeli, a flash deal website specializing in apparel and fashion accessories. Apart from application development, I also took care of mentoring, training and performing code reviews at Vinsol.

From December 2008 to February 2011 I worked on 5amily.com. 5amily, pronounced family, is a Genealogy based social networking application that lets people connect with their relatives.

In my free time I try to contribute to Open Source projects like Ruby on Rails. I've also contributed to Ruby gems like Koala and Facebooker. And hey, I also created a Rails plugin Joey which I no longer maintain :(.

I also help people at Stackoverflow and IRC in #RubyOnRails channel on Freenode. I prefer IRC over Stackoverflow because of the amount of interactivity involved. You can find me in #RubyOnRails channel as waseem_. I was a Co-Organizer of The New Delhi Ruby Meetup Group where I have taken various sessions. If you are in New Delhi and want to give a talk at the meetup, please give me a shout there.

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